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lean, Minimalist 

Minimalism is the operating view that more isn’t always better, nor is it necessary. Our emphasis is on simplicity over complexity and lean as opposed to bloated. Silvrback pursues this vision in the writing experience.

Powerful Tools at 
Your Fingertips

Minimalist blogging does not mean weak or lacking in the tools needed to support your writing goals. You'll find a catalog of features that support your writing, help you connect with your readers, and develop your reputation.


If we write long enough, we become known for something. What image are you wanting to project through your writing? We can help you get there. Look, it's your data and your audience. We will celebrate your success!

We can Host Your 
Blog for you

Your blog is hosted on the Cloud and is fully scalable, which means we will be able to keep up with your success. Don't waste your time setting up and managing servers for your blog. Focus on your writing and your brand. We’ll do the rest.

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  • Two UI Schemes

    We keep it simple. Choose between the stark beauty of Classic minimalism or a more dressed up Gorilla look. Which clean, uncluttered feel is yours?

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  • Choose Your Editor

    Write your posts with the familiar WSYIWYG-word processor editor, or the elegant, simplicity of Markdown syntax. Try one and change whenever you like.

  • Social Media Support

    Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stackflow and more for sharing your work. Get your work noticed!

  • Awesome Media Gallery

    Invites you to set up your own gallery to display images/videos. Silvrback supports a variety of media formats.

  • Image and Video Support

    Upload your favorite pics and videos. Silvrback supports an array of image and video formats.

  • Host Your Blog with Us

    Set up your blog in minutes and start writing on our server.

  • Custom Domain Support

    If you want your own domain, which is best for personal brand development, we can help you get there.

  • Schedule, Tag and Recommend

    We make it easy to keep your readers on your blog. Tag articles to make your content easy to find and recommend articles to your readers. And, yes, when you can’t be there, you can still post content when you want.

  • Reader Comments & Engagement

    Provide your readers an opportunity to comment on your posts. Silvrback uses Disqus to power your user conversation.

  • Collaboration & Guest Posts

    Work with guest writers or collaborate with partners, all managed from your account.

  • Subscriber Lists & RSS

    Turn readers into subscribers. As you add subscribers, they’ll be notified when you publish an article.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is the most popular and reliable tool to help you follow what is happening with your blog and content. Use it to set goals and follow your progress – no charge.

  • Syntax Highlighting

    For programmers, choose from among six highlighting options to attractively present your code.

  • Mathjax Supported

    For math, science and engineering writers who need symbol support, you will appreciate this option.

  • Github Support

    Upload your Github articles directly into Silvrback.

  • No Advertising

    No annoying ads appearing on your blog – ever.

  • Your Writing Is Your Own

    You own what you write and we make it easy for you to take it with you. So, too, your subscribers.

  • Choose Your Subscription Plan

    Monthly, quarterly and annual subscription options to choose from. And a 14-day free trial period to figure it all out. (Plan Options)

Includes 14-day free trial.

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Silvrback provides you plan options that work with your writing goals, short term or long.

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